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Looking for a Program designed specifically for your training goals, schedule and lifestyle?

LAB Sports Performance’s Semi-Private training program delivers a personalized program that will help you reach all of your training goals. Our Semi-Private Program is a custom, individualized workout program designed specifically for you — based on your initial consultation and assessment.  We personalize your workouts based on your goals, schedule and any other factors that may be involved. 

Semi-Private: Process

Before starting a LAB Semi-Private Training Program. Every client will go through a FMS (Functional Movement Screening) assessment.  This will show us exactly how we can help you — but more importantly, where we need to begin you in your training program to ensure success.  

Return 2 Play

The Return 2 Play program is for athletes of all ages recovering from an injury who has completed physical therapy and looking to continue preparation to return to their sport of choice at 100%. 


This injury may have taken you away from a competitive sport you are currently participating in at the middle school, high school or collegiate ranks or for the weekend warrior looking to get back to competitive events of their choice.

What does Return 2 Play mean?

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Return to play refers to the point in recovery after an injury or surgery when an athlete is able to participate in their sport or activity at a level similar to that before the injury or the surgery took place.

When an athlete returns before properly healing and recovery, they will risk a re-injury and possibly a longer rehabilitation timeline. When dealing with sports injuries, employing the right game plan can often safely accelerate an athlete’s return to the their sport even better than before!

Return 2 Play: Process

Athletes recovering from sports-related injuries are often not ready to return to their sport. 

LAB Sports Performance provides you with safe and effective training protocols that will get you back performing confidently at a higher level and stronger than before.


  1. Assessment / Evaluation

  2. Foundational Movement / Strength

  3. Fundamental Performance

  4. Fundamental Advancement

Our performance specialist will bring you through each phase to determine what is needed and how to best get you fully prepared to return to your sport. 

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