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At Lab Player Development, our systematic approach to managing data driven training programs for high school athletes has helped save many careers and prepared athletes for their long and sometimes grueling seasons. 
Our player development program is tailored to provide athletes with unparalleled attention and care from our high performance coaches. The program is geared towards helping athletes become independent and accountable. 

Based on all assessment findings and baseline pitching data found, we will include a complete report that will allow our team to build out a custom program. 


We understand the importance of youth pitching (10u – 13u) for baseball players.  Our Youth pitching program focuses on building a solid performance foundation and understanding of mechanics for player development and future success. . 


We will provide a positive environment for youth pitchers to improve their understanding of pitching mechanics, efficient movement patterns and the importance of training. 

  • Assessment (Movement Screening)

  • Pitching Data (Rapsodo)

  • Biomechanics Breakdown (Pitch AI)

  • Video 

  • Drill Work

  • Movement Work

  • Arm Care Program

  • Throwing Program

  • Strength Program

Bio Mechanics Analysis

Capture pitching mechanics in a  bullpen, or a pitch design session.


Identify key motion variables associated with increased stress, decreased efficiency, or fatigue.


Game-changing technology helps players reach their potential.

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